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Recommended by veterinarians, animal care professionals and organizations throughout the City, as well as revered and loved by 4-legged clients and their people.

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Soiling outside the litter box, hiding, unexpected pouncing, scratching, biting...There may be many reasons why your cat is showing signs that something isn't right. As a trained and experienced Animal Behaviorist, Sharon brings a special love for kitties. She'll sort out what's going on and formulate a plan for your specific situation.

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Taking direction, focusing on cue, socializing with dogs and people, responding to basic obedience commands - are fundamental skills that your dog will use for life. Sharon's easy-to-follow, effective techniques teach you how to train your dog.You'll see improvements starting from the very first session.

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It's never to early to lay the foundation for a loving, happy, lifelong relationship with your new pup. Sharon's methods give you the training and communication skills you'll need with lessons that are easy, informative and fun for both you and your pup.

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"Sharon is an exceptional animal behaviorist and trainer as well as a compassionate and patient individual. She can tackle issues ranging from basic obedience training to complex behavioral problems and she works with cats too. Sharon has been an amazing help to me with some behavioral issues I have had with my beloved dog Rudy, and I recommend her to all of my clients"

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Dr. Mary Xanthos
Reade Street Animal Hospital

"Sharon helped me with issues that my cats were having, using down-to-earth suggestions and methods that work, all based in positive techniques. She's one of those people that animals immediately trust and respond to. I've also seen her work with many unruly dogs, coaching their people. The animals always improve and they love her!"

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Elizabeth Rodman
Upper West Side

"Sharon helped get our new puppy Rosie off to a great start. In no time, she showed us how to make our intensions understood. After completing Sharon's training, Rosie went on to become a registered hospital therapy dog and she's brought happiness into the lives of hundreds of people"

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Deni Bonet and Andrew Holmes-Higgin
West Village